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Summer collection 2020

We are taking you on a journey, a journey into your imagination. On the way to faraway resorts, enjoying the shapes and colours in combinations that you had not even dreamt could exist. We capture the mood and colours of your favourite places in jewellery to thrill you. We love mother earth and want to place as little burden as possible upon her. Which is why our materials all come from Europe and are made by people who share our values. Camps & Camps designs with conviction and a love of original jewellery that emphasises your natural beauty.

Coral Beach

The jewellery from this series is based on the gifts of the sea like coral and pearls. Made from lightweight resins, you can enjoy the beautiful shapes of coral earrings, necklaces and bangles. Combined with imitation pearls, an ode to the wonders of the sea, without damaging our vulnerable environment.

Chunky Sunglass Chains

Be the new cool......Create your own Home Holiday!
Catch the Sunlight, put on your sunglasses with these funky sunglass chains, close your eyes and be on your favorite beach.....or why not walk the streets of Paris? Use your imagination and surprise yourself.

Morning Glow

These necklaces, bangles and earrings exude rest, calm and control. No need to shout. Imagine pastel pink, cream white and clay grey in large and small shapes but, above all, with style.

Urban Romance

Urban romance is a jewellery collection in which strength and romance merge, tenderly and styled through a combination of softly glistening pearls and geometric resin elements that together form a new harmonious look. The recurring cameo trend is a perfect match for this style.

Savannah Chique

This style is rugged, full of colour and warmth. Jewellery in earthy browns, intense blue and the colours of spices like paprika, saffron and cinnamon. The materials employed are lightweight, so that the jewellery is incredibly light to wear.

Villa Oasis

Enjoy these sunlit colours. Wear multiple bangles in yellow and green tones completed with warm golden accents. Combine them with matching earrings large or small.

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